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Sander Irmãos & Cia. Ltda.

It is a Brazilian company, founded in 1925 by Emílio Sander.


Its history begins with the arrival in Brazil of the first machines for the manufacture of horn combs, imported from Switzerland.

Over the years, Sander has increased its product line, becoming the most traditional manufacturer of bovine horn and bone products.

Currently, Sander sells most of its production to foreign markets, in countries such as USA, Japan, Germany, France, Australia and New Zealand.

Today, at the head of its administration, is the third generation of the family, constantly seeking innovation and development of new products and segments, among others.




Sander is committed to the quality of its products. It is certified by the SIF (Federal Inspection Service), having its entire process inspected by a federal agricultural inspector appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. It also has internal controls to improve the quality of the processes, aiming at the satisfaction of its customers.




The main raw material is the bovine horn, rich in natural details. There is no horn exactly like the other. The bovine hoof can also be transformed into some objects, such as dog toys, or it can be ground to become organic fertilizer. The bone, after being cleaned and degreased, can be used dog toys or for the manufacture of various artifacts, such as cutlery cables, coatings, among others.





All waste is used, usually as organic fertilizer.


All effluents are treated appropriately. Waste, as organic products, is used as fertilizer.